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Arranging Interviews

Arranging interviews with Sexual Health Experts: the NCSH Speaker’s Bureau

We can arrange interviews with experts on a wide variety of sexual health topics, including:

  • Comprehensive information about sexuality and sexual health across the lifespan
  • Talking openly about sexuality and sexual health with partners, health care providers, and family
  • Dating and building positive relationships
  • Getting smart about your body and protecting it
  • Recommended sexual health care services

Our spokespeople also have expertise in specific audiences, including: youth, young adults, older adults, women, men, LGBT populations, college students, and people living with HIV.

Other areas of expertise include contraceptives and condoms, sexual health care services, such as the HPV vaccine and STI/HIV screening, and intimate partner violence.

Our speakers include leading sexual health experts, physicians and other health care providers, academics, and executive directors of national organizations. 

Media Inquiries

For general media inquiries or to schedule an interview with an expert, please contact: Susan Gilbert, NCSH Communications Director,

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